Up Only/Down Only Stair Decals (10 decals total)

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PROTECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS. These stair decals help maintain the flow of foot traffic and help to prevent congregating and clusters in high traffic areas. These directional arrows are very effective in stores, schools, groceries, hospitals, pharmacies, banks, businesses, and factories.

TIP: These Stair Decals work phenomenally well with our One Way decals. Used together, you will efficiently be able to direct traffic flow and minimize congestion and the potential spread of COVID-19 in your facility.

• Ten 6" x 18" directional floor sticker decals per pack.  Five green "UP ONLY" decals, and five red "DOWN ONLY" decals

• Easy application: just peel, stick, and you're done!  The adhesive holds the sticker firmly in place, but allows for a clean release when you want to remove it.

• These decal feature bright eye catching colors with large text and graphics.

• Decals are made from woven polyester fabric and are water, UV, and tear resistant.  They are best used indoors on wood, polished concrete, ceramic, marble, linoleum, glass, painted drywall, and granite. These decals are not recommended for use on carpeting, cinder block, outdoor concrete, outdoor brick, dirt or grass.

• PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA! Manufactured in and shipped from Cleveland, Ohio.

• These one way stair decals help stop the spread of the coronavirus and comply with the CDC’s guidelines for safe social distancing.