MAXIMUM CAPACITY Building Signs (5 decals)

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To help you reopen and operate safely during this pandemic, maximum capacity decals will help stop the spread of Covid-19 in your facility. If you need to tell your employees, customers, students or the community to practice social distancing when inside your facility, these decals will help make that announcement for you. With an area for you to write in the maximum number of people allowed in that particular room, hallway, lobby or elevator, this helps to prevent congregating in groups. Post these safety decals in windows, doors, on walls, or in elevators of retail stores, groceries, schools, museums, offices, hospitals, medical centers, hair salons, restaurants, factories and warehouses.

• Five 8.5" x 11” window decals per pack.

• Easy application: write the maximum capacity number onto the decal, peel, stick, and you're done! (just remember, these decals are not erasable. Once you write the number onto them in ink, it's permanently written on the decal).

• These window signs are made from woven polyester fabric and are water, UV, and tear resistant. These can be used as window decals on outdoor glass.  They are best used indoors on wood, polished concrete, ceramic, marble, linoleum, glass, painted drywall, and granite. These decals are not recommended for use on carpeting, cinder block, outdoor concrete, outdoor brick, dirt or grass.

• These decals are repositionable. The adhesive holds the sign firmly in place, but allows for a clean release when you want to remove it.

• PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA! Manufactured in and shipped from Cleveland, Ohio.