Our most powerful duo for controlling Covid-19: One Way Floor Decals + One Way Stair Decals

Control the traffic flow and you will control the spread of Covid-19.

If you're looking to control the spread of Covid-19 in your office, school, building, and community, social distancing is one of the key components to operating safely long term.  Recommended by the CDC, WHO, federal and local governments, and all public health organizations, social distancing is proven to significantly decrease the viral spread. One of the most effective ways to implement social distancing is through signage that lets people know where to stand and how to move through a facility.
Our One Way floor decals + Up Only/Down Only stair decals are the most powerful combination we have to fight this virus. Used together, the traffic flow and social distancing will be consistently controlled and efficiently maintained in your office, school, and buildings.











"One way corridors" are the newest buzzwords being used by public health officials to help fight Covid-19. By keeping foot traffic moving in the same direction through buildings and hallways, it helps facilitate social distancing, eliminates people bumping into each other, and prevents crowding. The more we can space people out, the less direct contact they have.

One way staircases offer the same benefits: you are able to prevent congestion by having everyone moving in the same direction.  Stairs can be divided in half if they're wide enough, this way the right side of the stairs is Up Only and the left side is Down Only.  If you have more than one staircase, it's even more effective if you dedicate specific staircases to Up Only and to Down Only. 

The decals are intuitive, which is important.  In order to be effective, people need to know what the signage means and what they're meant to do.  We designed these decals so people immediately know what to do when they see them.  They are easy to understand and come in English and Bilingual versions.

These decals are also extremely easy to apply.  Just peel, stick and you're done.  They are repositionable, so while they adhere to virtually any surface and remain in place through prolonged heavy traffic, you are still able to remove them if needed without damaging your floors and stairs.

These decals work together to keep your entire building socially distanced by controlling the way people navigate through hallways and staircases. More info