Will Schools Be Safe This Fall?

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Will Schools Be Safe This Fall?

No matter what channel I tune into, this is the question that's dominating the news this week. Will schools reopen? Will they be safe?  Understandably, Teachers' Unions are worried about their members.  Working parents wrestle with whether they can afford to home school for a year vs. the potential risk of their child catching COVID-19 at school and bringing the virus home. There are no easy answers for anyone.

One thing we should all agree on though is education is a priority for our children. As a nation, we cannot afford to let a year slip by without education. On a human level, we absolutely cannot afford to let some students slip through the cracks and not get an education during this pandemic because of their economic situation, where they live, or their accessibility to computers for online remote learning.  Schools must reopen in one form or another this fall.

Because schools so intimately connect with their community, they have the power to either add fuel to the viral spread or stop it cold.  Making their buildings COVID-free with risk reduction strategies will dramatically reduce the spread of the virus, keeping families healthy and communities safe.

To reopen schools safely and comply with CDC guidelines, there will be temperature checks, disinfection, social distancing, and ventilation. There may even be a hybrid model implemented where students learn in class inside the school for half the day, and then online from home half the day.

The product line of safety decals we offer will help with one very critical component of a school's reopening plan: social distancing. We have decals that are suitable for elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and libraries.

The safety decals we offer are intuitive and immediately understood by the students and faculty who see them on the floor. The decals start working right away to physically space out people and direct the flow of traffic. When the idea of elbow bumping is frowned on, the thought of students colliding and brushing past each other in crowded hallways is something that must be prevented and avoided at all costs.  Our social distancing safety decals will help.

These social distancing floor decals play a big part in ending the outbreak.  They are a powerful tool when used by schools for slowing, if not stopping, the spread of COVID-19.