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After watching the coronavirus spread it's devastation across the world until it finally reached America, we knew as human beings, we had to do something to try to help.  And so we gave our award winning designers their ultimate challenge: create a line of social distancing decals that could be used by companies, schools, factories, and restaurants - from a mom and pop size shop to a mega warehouse fulfillment center - that will have a noticeable and dramatic effect on the safety and health of that business.  The same principles we use when designing a promotion for our clients, we applied to these decals. They had to grab people's attention and produce results fast. There's no point in creating a product that doesn't work when we're in the middle of a pandemic.  So first and foremost, these decals had to work. They also had to be user friendly - not just in the installation of them at the facility but the ease with which people immediately understood what they were being asked to do. And they had to be attractive so people would want to use them.

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