Call To Action: Being Proactive During Covid-19

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Call To Action: Being Proactive During Covid-19

If you're anything like me, when Covid came to America and our country shut down, your life twisted inside out seemingly overnight.  Gone were the family gatherings, evenings with friends, and community yoga classes. It was like flipping a switch, all of it just disappeared. The past few months have been a blur of bad cooking and the news.  Mostly the news. I wake up to the news, I scroll through social media news clips during the day, and I listen to the news when I'm making brown rice for the hundredth time.  And, if we're being honest with each other, I tune in again when I'm in bed for the night.  The statistics and the political arguing don't exactly make for a soothing bedtime story.  But as someone with asthma and chronic bronchitis, I feel it's important to be informed.  To hear what all sides are saying and make decisions based on what works for me and my family.

This virus has rocked not only our country, but the world, to it's core.  While people may be divided on their views of how serious this virus is and how to respond, what we all saw happening in Italy and China day after day was heart wrenching and unfathomable in today's modern era where we all think we are invincible and untouchable. 

What this virus has shown is we are united in a way that no war or peace treaty ever could.  We're all human beings facing the same invisible, uncertain enemy and it's in our hands to protect each other to the best of our ability. Never have we been so socially isolated and yet so dependent on each other. 

Once we get past the fear (which for some people is very real and very enormous), there is a beauty to our connectedness because it means we can all do something. We can do our small part to help the greater good.  What we do now, today, affects not only us, but our family that we live with, our co-workers and neighbors, the community we live in, our country, and ultimately, the world. The power we have to determine the course this virus takes is mind blowing and enormous. It's electrifying how the actions we take have a very definite chain reaction effect. Harnessed in the best possible way, we can beat this virus and come out the other side not only stronger, but with a more appreciative view of life and our fellow man.

Our company is a leader in the scratch off printing industry. For over three decades Scratch Off Works has printed scratch off branding promotions for companies like Miller Coors, Adidas, Cirque du Soleil, Red Bull, Bacardi, Harley Davidson, Marriott, and Disney.  We also print safety incentive programs for FedEx, Amazon, Coca-Cola, Home Depot, QVC and Goodwill.  When this virus hit America, we wanted, and we needed, to do something to help our community during this pandemic.  So we met as a company and decided using our marketing and manufacturing skills to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 would be the best contribution we could make that would have an ever expanding effect on our country.

social distancing floor decals

We gave our award winning designers their ultimate challenge: create a line of social distancing decals that could be used by companies, schools, factories, restaurants - from a mom and pop size shop to a mega warehouse fulfillment center - that will have a noticeable and dramatic effect on the safety and health of that business.  The same principles we use when designing a promotion for our clients, we applied to these decals. They had to grab people's attention and produce results fast. There's no point in creating a product that doesn't work when we're in the middle of a pandemic.  So first and foremost, they had to work. They also had to be user friendly - not just in the installation of them at the facility but the ease with which people immediately understood what they were being asked to do. And they had to be attractive so people would want to use them in their business.

We are extremely pleased with this line of decals.  Social distancing decals work. They help keep people from congregating and they maintain the CDC's recommended spacing. Traffic flow floor markers are a simple addition to a facility that work amazingly well.  They keep people moving in the direction you want them to, rather than bumping into each other and breaking social distancing standards.  Window decals announcing your business's mask policy work in a non confrontational way.

We are listening to the news constantly. If there's a new scientific discovery with Covid or a new hotspot that's developing in the country and there's something we're able to manufacture to help keep facilities, employees and customers safer and slow the spread of the virus, we are organically adapting our product line to answer the call.

If you have any questions about our line of decals or if you need a product that you don't see on our website please reach out. Just ask for Chrys, I'd love to talk with you and we will help any way we can. Our company, and all the years of experience we have, are what we can offer to help get each of us through this pandemic a little easier, and hopefully a lot safer.