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We have decals designed to protect every area of your school so you and your faculty can operate with confidence. We have social distancing decals telling people where to stand, traffic flow decals to prevent crowding in corridors and stairs, mask policy and maximum capacity decals for your walls and doors, and children's decals to make living through this pandemic a little less scary. These are our best selling decals!

Featured safety decals

Elementary School Decals

These monster theme floor decals make social distancing a little less scary and a little more fun for kids. 5 decals per set.



Bilingual Window Signs

Place these in your bus windows or school entrances to let your students and their families know your policy. 5 decals per set.



Wait Here Decals

These decals maintain social distancing and fit seamlessly into any room. Patriotic and courteous. 10 decals per set.



Control the traffic flow and you will control the spread of Covid-19.

One Way floor decals + Up Only/Down Only stair decals are a powerful combination in stopping the spread of this virus in your buildings. These decals prevent crowding and help maintain social distancing by controlling the way people navigate through hallways and staircases. More info

Don't Forget Your Buses!

Protect students and drivers! from when they leave in the morning until they're home at the end of the day. Decals posted on the windows of school buses will remind everyone to bring and wear their mask. More info

Social distancing safety decals help stop the spread of coronavirus

Keep employees, customers, and students safe during this pandemic.

For businesses and schools to reopen safely - and continue to operate safely during this pandemic - precautions must be taken. The only consistently proven methods for reducing the spread of Covid-19 are social distancing and wearing a face covering. Our country has never faced a pandemic like this. As a result, these aren't behaviors any of us are used to adopting.

SAFETY DECALS MAKE A DIFFERENCE.  We designed this line of decals to help decrease the spread of Covid-19.

(1) SOCIAL DISTANCING FLOOR MARKERS are an effective way to maintain the CDC's recommended social distancing within your facility.

(2) TRAFFIC FLOW FLOOR DECALS are a tremendous way to help prevent congregating in spaces and keep people socially distanced.

(3) WINDOW AND DOOR SIGNS announce your facility's policies on face covering and social distancing requirements.

Coronavirus safety: our satisified customers!